Adult Orthodontics at Upper Berkeley Dental Care

A simple definition of orthodontics is a specialist part of dentistry that deal with irregularities of the teeth and their correction.

Most people think of orthodontics ‘braces’ for children in there teens with silver ‘train tracks’ although there is a little truth in this, adult orthodontics have come along way and and much more discrete.

Having orthodontics in your adult life may be done for 2 reason: 1, to straighten the teeth for cosmetic reason, for a straighter smile or 2, to improve your oral hygiene, for those people who have ‘crooked’ teeth tend struggle to clean thoroughly in-between the teeth, leading to staining and tarter build up, which can then lead to further gum problems.

So whether you want to have braces for cosmetic reasons or oral health reasons or both, you have the 2 options:

1, The removable appliances called clear aligners, which suit people who doesn’t want to have the fixed braces, which can fit around a busy life style. With the option to take them in and out, they do required the patient to be compliant and wear them for at least 20-22 hours a day to get maximum results. This usually takes between 6- 12 months depending on your individual case. You will be required to see your dentist every 6- 8 weeks for your new set and any adjustments. More limited movements are available with this option.

2, The fixed option which are now clear/ tooth coloured so are very discrete, these are usually worn for between 6- 12 months depending on your individual case. As they are fixed appliances you do tend to get a much better/ quicker result, you will also need to see your dentist every 6- 8 weeks for adjustments and changing the wires. As these are fixed, the mouth can take a while to adjust, as you have a foreign body in the mouth , the cheeks and tongue have to get use to this, and you can get ulcers- but for a beautiful straight smile it is worth it.

Post orthodontic treatment you will be required to wear a retainer, either a fixed retainer or removable or both, this is to stop the teeth moving back to there original position- as you will be amazed how quick this can happen. The fixed retainer will be discretely placed behind the teeth and the removable retainer will be worn at night.

If your case is complicated and unable to achieve results from these 2 options, Joanna will then refer you on to a orthodontist specialist who will give you alternative options.