Joanna Gallop

The DentistBDS(Lond)LDSRCSEng.MSc

GDC No. 59746

Joanna became a dentist because when was small she had painful dentistry from an old fashioned family dentist, who never talked or communicated with her. At 12 years of age, she had her first pain free filling using local anaesthetic, from her new young dentist. Once she realised dentistry could be painless she studied hard to qualify as a dentist, because her mission was “never to let another person go through the pain she had been tortured with in her childhood.” Jo also realised the importance of talking to patients to reduce their fear of the unknown and to reassure them.

After qualifying at the London Hospital in Whitechapel receiving Prize for the Best Student in Year, in 1984. She worked at the Hospital as a Houseman and later returned to study for her Master’s degree in “Gerodontology” dentistry for older adults, taking 2 years part time and qualified with a first class degree. In 2010-2011 she was voted by peers to become “President” of the British Dental Association, London Branch and arranged several lectures for members. She is still an active member of the BDA.

Her other studies, include a one year implant course relearning human anatomy and placement of dental implants. She now works in a team approach with several surgeons and plans and restores implants for her patients. On another year she completed 2 advanced cosmetic dental courses and over the years has honed her skills by attending lectures and hand on course from American and English specialists.

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